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The HomePod is a revolutionary speaker, capable of adapting to the place where you put it to always offer a high fidelity sound. Together with Apple Music and Siri, it brings you a new way to discover and listen to music at home. In addition, it helps you with everyday tasks and allows you to control the home automation only with the voice. Great sound. Small format. The HomePod is designed to create a sound full of nuances, so powerful that defies its small size. It features Apple-developed audio technologies and advanced software to bring precise sound to every corner of the room. And because it s less than 18 centimeters tall, it s perfect anywhere. Very present bass The Apple-designed subwoofer is located at the top facing up, allowing it to reach a much wider range than other speakers. A set of six microphones, plus an internal one, form an equalization system that analyzes the room and adjusts the bass response to deliver an ever-uniform sound. And thanks to its powerful motor, the diaphragm moves 20 mm, something unheard of in a loudspeaker of this size. That s why bass stands out even at low volume. Receives you loud and clear The six microphones inside the HomePod pick up all sounds. When you say Oye Siri , advanced signal processing and noise and echo cancellation allow the HomePod to hear you without having to raise your voice, even if you re at the other end of the room and the music is loud. When the HomePod recognizes the words Hey Siri, it encrypts everything you say and sends it anonymously to Apple servers without associating it with your Apple ID. High-fidelity audio Seven beamforming high-end speakers, each with its own amplifier, precisely direct the sound. The speakers, placed around the base in a horn-shaped design, send the sound towards the centre and distribute it in a 360° pattern to create an enveloping sensation. This almost completely prevents the first waves from bouncing off the surface and delivers a uniform, high-definition sound. No loudspeaker has ever been so clever The Apple-designed A8 chip is the brain that orchestrates the great innovations of the HomePod. Like advanced signal processing so Siri can hear you, even when the music is playing. Or real-time studio-quality processing that boosts bass and reduces distortion. In addition, buffering is even faster than in real time. And the combination of live and ambient audio gives you unrepeatable sound, over and over again. Music to your ears The HomePod is covered by a seamless mesh. This material is developed not to interfere with the audio, while giving the loudspeaker a magnificent appearance from any angle. Dominate the stage. Automatically Setting up your HomePod is so easy it looks like magic. As soon as you connect it, your iOS device will locate it. Thanks to spatial detection, the HomePod automatically adjusts to give you optimal sound from anywhere. If you pair it with another HomePod, you ll enjoy a stereo music experience. And with AirPlay 2, you can bring sound to every corner of the house. The sound fills the room. From the floor to the ceiling. Wall to wall Place the HomePod anywhere in the room. Thanks to spatial detection, it automatically analyzes the acoustics, adjusts the sound according to its location and separates the music into direct and ambient sound. The direct sound (i.e. the main voices and instruments) is directed towards the centre of the room, while the ambient sound is divided between the left and right channels and bounces off the wall. There will be no note that escapes you. Control the music of the entire house from one room. With AirPlay 2 The various HomePods in the house communicate with each other via AirPlay. Tell Siri to play jazz in the living room and Vaiana s soundtrack in the children s bedroom, or to play the same song throughout the house, without moving from where you are. And when you change rooms, ask Siri to play your favourite song on another HomePod so that the music accompanies you. In addition, with the HomePod you can also control other AirPlay 2 compatible speakers by simply using your voice.
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