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Nox Refrigeration NXHUMMERH212 intel et amd

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Nox incorporates the H-212 cooler to its Hummer series. It is a cooler with aluminum fins and 3 copper based heatpipes, which will provide the CPU with a maximum cooling level. - Compatible with Intel AMD - 120 mm conical fan with PWM - 3 heatpipes and aluminium and copper base - Easy to install - Possibility of installing a second fan Cooling capacity The interior of the H-212 has been designed to ensure maximum heat dissipation in the shortest possible time. Its 42 aluminum fins have been designed in a curved shape to reduce air resistance and increase the airflow between them, allowing heat to be expelled more easily. Excellence in refrigeration The H-212 cooler features a 120 mm fan with a conical design to focus the airflow and more efficiently cool the heatsink. The H-212 s fan has an adjustable rotational speed of 800 - 1600 RPM that ensures an airflow of 56.0 CFM at noise levels below 20 dBA. Compact dimensions Despite its high performance and high cooling capacity, the H-212 is a cooler with dimensions of 140 mm high, 120 mm wide and 75 mm deep, thanks to which it is possible to make the most of the space inside the equipment. Aluminium and copper base The aluminum base of the H-212 together with its 3 copper heatpipes in direct contact, will guarantee a constant cooling of the CPU, allowing a fast cooling. Installation The assembly of the H- 212 is quite simple, as it can be installed in a few easy steps. It is only necessary to choose the socket according to the system, fix it to the plate and place the heatsink with the metal anchors.

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